It took us a lifetime to learn the subject of asset protection planning so that you won't have to. This website takes the complexity out of asset protection, allowing you to easily determine what structure will make the most sense to protect your specific assets from your creditors. Just follow the steps below.

There is no silver bullet structure in asset protection planning. Depending on the types of assets you own, how much protection you need or desire and whether you are planning well in advance or at the last minute, a number of structures will be available to you.

You have different options as to how you can protect a personal residence, your business, your liquid investments and rental real estate. Click below to learn more about protecting each specific asset.

What do you want to protect?

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Your Assets

For each of your assets you can achieve different levels of protection. From simple and inexpensive, to the complex and comprehensive.

To learn more about the various levels of protection you can obtain and the resulting fees and costs, click here.

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Level of Protection

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to asset protection. A simple structure set up well in advance of a lawsuit will do a lot more to shield your assets than a complex structure set up at the last minute. That is all because a creditor can challenge what you do when you act at the last minute.

Learn more about creditor remedies and how to plan around them by clicking here.

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