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With over 30 years of real-life experience and over 3,000 clients, we are the nation's leading and most respected asset protection law firm. We are the fiercest advocates for our clients. We can protect your hard-earned assets better than anyone else. Every year we set up hundreds of structures to protect residences, rental real estate, investments and retirement plans.

You will find us to be not only knowledgeable and confident, but also friendly and personable. We welcome your calls and emails.

On this website you will find a wealth of information about asset protection. Read the real life case histories and you will find one that resembles your situation. Learn about the commonly used structures and how and why their work.

Remember, it is never too late to plan. With our guidance, the entire process will be smooth, quick and painless. Contact us using the form below, and we will help. Learn more about our attorneys and our practice areas at

We wrote the book on asset protection. Literally.

Asset Protection Books by Klueger & SteinPartner Robert Klueger's book, "A Guide to Asset Protection - How to Keep What's Legally Yours" has been the definitive guide on the subject for nearly a decade.

Its easy-to-understand pages contain a wealth of interesting and useful information on ways to preserve your hard-earned assets. It's the result of his decades of experience helping people plan powerful and perfectly legal ways to protect their futures.

It's those same decades of experience that Klueger & Stein, LLP uses to protect its clients.

Professionals look to us for guidance.

"Asset Protection Planning" by Jacob Stein is a technical manual on the subject used by attorneys and CPAs. It's a detailed study of a number of key areas - the underlying substantive law of asset protection, fraudulent transfer and collection laws, community property, foreign and domestic trusts, legal entities, retirement plans and much more.

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation of asset protection, with the full substantive legal foundation, visit
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